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Enterprise Distributed Application Service:Ali-Tomcat overview

Last Updated:Aug 17, 2023

Ali-Tomcat and Pandora are required to develop High-speed Service Framework (HSF) applications.

Ali-Tomcat is a container on which EDAS depends to run services. It integrates core features such as service publishing, service subscription, and tracing. You can publish applications in Ali-Tomcat in both development and runtime environments.

Pandora is a light-weight isolation container, which is taobao-hsf.sar. This container is used to isolate application dependencies from middleware dependencies and isolate dependencies of a middleware service from those of another middleware service. Pandora in EDAS integrates plug-ins that implement middleware features such as service discovery, configuration push, and tracing. By using these plug-ins, you can manage EDAS applications in all aspects, such as service monitoring, governance, tracing, and analytics.

Important In EDAS, Ali-Tomcat is available only for HSF applications that are packaged into WAR files.