After you create a WeCom chatbot for the alert management feature of Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS), you can specify the corresponding WeCom group to receive alert notifications in a notification policy. When the dispatch rule of the notification policy is triggered, the system automatically sends an alert notification to the WeCom group that you specify. After an alert notification is received in the WeCom group, you can manage the alert in the WeCom group.


A WeCom group is created in the WeCom client to receive alert notifications.

Step 1: Obtain the webhook URL of a WeCom chatbot

  1. Start and log on to the WeCom client.
  2. Click the More icon icon in the upper-right corner of the WeCom group, and then click Add Group Robot.
  3. In the Robot message, click Add Robot.
  4. In the Create Robot dialog box, enter the name of the chatbot and click Add Robot.
  5. Click Copy URL to save the webhook URL of the WeCom chatbot.

Step 2: Create a WeCom chatbot in the EDAS console

  1. Log on to the EDAS console.
  2. On the Applications page, select a region in the top navigation bar and an option from the Microservice Namespace drop-down list. Select ECS Clusters from the Cluster Type drop-down list. Then, click the name of the application whose metrics you want to view.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Alert Management > Contact.
  4. On the Contact page, click the IM robot tab.
  5. On the IM robot tab, click Create a robot in the upper-right corner.
  6. In the Create a robot dialog box, set the following parameters and click OK.
    Parameter Description
    Name The name of the WeCom chatbot.
    Type Set the Type parameter to Enterprise WeChat.
    Robot address The webhook URL of the WeCom chatbot.
    Whether the robot sends daily statistics If you select this option, you must enter the points in time at which the daily statistics are sent. Separate multiple points in time with commas (,). Specify the points in time in the HH:SS format. The alert management feature sends the total number of alerts generated on the current day, the number of solved alerts, and the number of alerts to be solved at the specified points in time.

Manage alerts in a WeCom group

After an alert notification is received in the WeCom group, you can view and manage the alert in the WeCom group. For more information, see Manage alerts in a DingTalk group.