Launch templates can persist Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance configurations to help simplify the procedure to create instances. A launch template contains configurations that you can use to create instances. It can include any configurations such as a key pair, Resource Access Management (RAM) role, instance type, and network settings but cannot include passwords.


A launch template is a template from which you can quickly create instances. A launch template contains configuration information that you can optionally use to create instances in various scenarios for different purposes.

A launch template can store any configuration information (including a key pair, RAM role, instance type, and network settings) except passwords. If a launch template contains all necessary configuration information, you can use it to create instances with a few clicks.

Launch templates cannot be modified. However, you can create multiple versions of each launch template and set different parameters in each version. Instance configurations are updated with the versions. You can select a version of a launch template to create instances.

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