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Elastic IP Address:FAQ about requesting, allocating, and recovering EIPs

Last Updated:Apr 12, 2024

This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about requesting, allocating, and recovering elastic IP addresses (EIPs).

Why does the message "eip frequent purchase" appear when I apply for an EIP?

Cause: The frequency at which you send requests to apply for and change EIPs has triggered a security alert. As a result, your applications for EIPs are denied for a limited period of time.

Solution: Make sure that the number of times that you request EIPs does not exceed twice the maximum number of EIPs that can be owned by your account. You can purchase EIPs after one hour. For more information about the maximum number of EIPs that can be owned by your account, see Manage EIP quotas.

Why am I unable to view the EIP that I purchased?

Possible causes:

  • The system is in the process of allocating the EIP to your account. The process normally takes 3 to 5 minutes.

  • The region that you select is different from the region where the EIP is purchased.

Solution: Go to the Billing Management page and click Orders. You can find the order of the EIP that you purchased on the Orders page. To view the region where the EIP is purchased, click View Details. Then, return to the EIP console and select the region where the EIP is purchased. You can view the information about the EIP on the Elastic IP Addresses page.

How are EIPs allocated?

By default, after you apply for an EIP, the system randomly allocates an EIP to your account. If you have applied for and released EIPs multiple times, the system may allocate EIPs that you have used before to your account.

When can I recover an EIP after I release it?

You can recover EIPs that are released within the last seven days by specifying the IP address or EIP ID.

If the EIP or ECS static IP address is already assigned to another Alibaba Cloud account, or is locked or recycled due to security reasons, the EIP cannot be recovered. You cannot recover the public IP addresses of ECS instances or CLB instances that are deployed in classic networks.