Elastic IP addresses (EIPs) support the subscription billing method. Subscription EIPs support only the pay-by-bandwidth metering method.


Subscription is a billing method that allows you to use resources only after you pay for them. The method is suitable in scenarios in which traffic does not fluctuate and resources are required for long-term usage. Before you purchase subscription EIPs, take note of the following limits:
  • You must pay the subscription fee when you create a subscription EIP.
  • The billing cycle is one month.
  • You can change the maximum bandwidth value of an EIP before the subscription expires. However, you cannot release an EIP or unsubscribe before the subscription expires.

Bandwidth fees

You are charged only bandwidth fees when you use subscription EIPs.

Bandwidth fee = Bandwidth unit price (USD/month) × Subscription duration (month)
EIPs support the following line types: BGP (Multi-ISP) and BGP (Multi-ISP) Pro. The bandwidth unit price of each line type is different. Unit: Mbit/s.
Note If the information about the regions and prices in the following table is different from that on the buy page in the console, the information on the buy page shall prevail.
Table 1. Bandwidth unit prices for EIPs of BGP (Multi-ISP)
AreaRegionBandwidth unit price (USD/month)
1 Mbit/s2 Mbit/s3 Mbit/s4 Mbit/s5 Mbit/s6 Mbit/s and higher (The letter n indicates the bandwidth value.)
ChinaChina (Qingdao) + (n - 5) × 10.64

China (Beijing)

China (Zhangjiakou)

China (Hohhot)

China (Ulanqab)

China (Hangzhou)

China (Shanghai)

China (Shenzhen)

China (Guangzhou)

China (Chengdu)

China (Hong Kong)

China (Heyuan)

3.406.8010.2013.6017.0017.00 + (n - 5) × 11.83
Asia Pacific

Japan (Tokyo)

India (Mumbai)

3.707.3911.0914.7818.4818.48 + (n - 5) × 12.42

Singapore (Singapore)

Australia (Sydney)

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Indonesia (Jakarta)

3.406.8010.2013.6017.0017.00 + (n - 5) × 11.83
Europe & Americas

US (Virginia)

US (Silicon Valley)

Germany (Frankfurt)

UK (London)

3.406.8010.2013.6017.0017.00 + (n - 5) × 11.83
Middle EastUAE (Dubai)11.8323.6635.4947.3259.1511.83 × n
Table 2. Bandwidth unit prices for EIPs of BGP (Multi-ISP) Pro
RegionBandwidth unit price (USD/month per Mbit/s)
China (Hong Kong)34.4

Billing examples

You purchased a subscription EIP in the China (Hangzhou) region on June 14, 2022. The maximum bandwidth of the EIP is 10 Mbit/s and the EIP expires at 00:00:00 on July 15, 2022. Total fee for the EIP: [17.00 + (10 - 5) × 11.83] (USD/month) × 1 (month) = USD 76.15

Renewal policy

72 hours (3 days) after an EIP expires, the EIP is suspended. 72 hours (3 days) after an EIP is suspended, the EIP is automatically released and you cannot renew the EIP after it is released. You can renew an EIP before it is released or expires. For more information, see Renewal.