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Elastic IP Address:Modify the configuration of a pay-as-you-go EIP

Last Updated:Dec 07, 2023

This topic describes the limits and procedures for modifying the configuration of a pay-as-you-go elastic IP address (EIP).


You can change the maximum bandwidth value and metering method of a pay-as-you-go EIP.

Before you perform this operation, take note of the following limits.


Effective time

Impact on billing


After you modify the metering method of a pay-as-you-go EIP, you cannot modify the maximum bandwidth of the EIP before the new metering method takes effect.

  • If you modify only the maximum bandwidth of a pay-as-you-go EIP, the modification immediately takes effect.

  • The order for changing the metering method of a pay-as-you-go EIP takes effect after 00:00 (UTC+8) of the next day.

After you modify a pay-as-you-go EIP and submit the order, the system bills the EIP based on the modified configuration. For more information about the billing rules for pay-as-you-go EIPs, see Pay-as-you-go.

If the maximum bandwidth of a pay-as-you-go EIP cannot meet your business requirements, you can modify the maximum bandwidth.

  1. Log on to the Elastic IP Address console .
  2. In the top navigation bar, select the region where the EIP is created.
  3. On the Elastic IP Addresses page, find the EIP that you want to manage and choose 更多操作 > Change Specification > Modify Configuration in the Actions column.

  4. On the Elastic IP | Upgrade/Downgrade page, set the parameters, select the terms of service, and then click Buy Now.

    • Maximum Bandwidth: Specify the maximum bandwidth. You can increase or decrease the maximum bandwidth. However, you cannot set the maximum bandwidth to zero.

    • Data Transfer: Select the metering method. You can select Pay-By-Data-Transfer or Pay-By-Bandwidth.