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Elastic Compute Service:Creation methods

Last Updated:Dec 12, 2023

This topic describes several methods of creating Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances and the use scenarios of each method. You can choose a method based on your business requirements.



Create a subscription instance on the Quick Launch tab

Create subscription instances with a few clicks. This method simplifies the instance creation process and allows you to create a subscription instance within minutes.

Create an instance by using the wizard

Customize instance configurations, such as the image type, instance type, storage, bandwidth, and security groups, based on your business requirements when you create an instance.

Create an instance by using a custom image

If you require an instance that has custom configurations such as a specific operating system and pre-installed applications, you can create a custom image that includes the configurations and use the custom image to quickly create an instance that meets your requirements.

Create an instance by using a community image

You can use a community image to quickly deploy instances whose operating systems, applications, and data suit your business needs.

Purchase an instance with the same configuration

If you need a new instance that has the same configuration as an existing instance, you can this method to quickly create an instance similar to the existing instance.

Create an instance by using a launch template

A launch template contains the configuration information required to create an instance. You can use a launch template to create an instance with a few clicks.