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Create custom dashboards

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2021

You can create a custom dashboard to present the custom analysis results in different types of reports. To create a custom dashboard, you must create a dashboard, add custom analysis reports to the dashboard, and configure relevant information.


When you add custom analysis, if you use the existing event analysis or funnel analysis, ensure that you have configured the reports through event analysis or funnel analysis. If you choose to create new custom analysis, ensure that you have configured events.

The supported custom analysis types and objects are as follows:

Type Object
Existing analysis Event
New custom analysis Event


Log in to the mPaaS console, and complete the following steps: This procedure takes creating a new custom analysis for example:

  1. From the navigation bar on the left, click Mobile Analysis > Custom analysis.
  2. On the right page, click Custom dashboard.
  3. In the Add a dashboard window, enter the dashboard name and select a template, and click OK.
    Note: Only Empty template is supported currently.
  4. Click the newly created dashboard to enter the dashboard editing page, and then click Add custom analysis.
  5. Select New custom analysis.
    • If the object you select is Event, complete the configurations for event analysis. For more information about configuring event analysis, see Add event analysis.
    • If the object you select is Funnel, complete the configurations for funnel analysis. For more information about configuring funnel analysis, see Create funnels.


On the Custom dashboard tab, you can see the dashboard that you added. Click the dashboard, and you can see the custom analysis.

By default, the custom analysis reports display the data in the recent 4 days.

What to do next

You can manage dashboards based on your business requirements, for example, to view the data in a specific time period by selecting a start and end date.