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Create funnels

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The funnel model goes through a multi-step process and mainly analyzes the conversion and loss between different steps. It can help you locate the stage where you lose your users, figure out the cause of loss, and then improve the user conversion rate through product optimization or marketing campaigns.

This topic introduces how to create a funnel, add steps and define time window and dimension for the funnel.


Because funnel analysis indicates how an event changes in a specific process by using a funnel and line chart, you must configure the associated events first. For information about configuring events, see Configure events.

About this task

  • Because funnel analysis calculates the conversion rate between steps, you must configure at least two steps when you create a funnel.
  • After you create a funnel, the charts show the data in T+1 days.


Log in to the mPaaS console, and complete the following steps:

  1. From the navigation bar on the left, click Mobile Analysis > Custom Analysis.
  2. On the right page, click Funnel analysis.
  3. Click Create a funnel.
  4. On the Create a funnel page, complete the following configurations:
    • Funnel name: Required, enter the funnel name.
    • Funnel description: Optional, enter the description about the funnel.
    • Time window: Required, select the time span within which all the steps in the funnel are completed.
      Note: If users go through all the steps in the funnel within the selected time span, they reach the conversion.
    • Calculation dimension: Required, select User ID or Device ID.
      Note: Select the dimension that the funnel calculates and displays the data (distinct) from.
    • Step 1: Required, select the event of step 1 from the pre-configured event list.
    • Step 2: Required, select the event of step 2 from the pre-configured event list.
      To set more steps in the funnel, click Add a step, and select the corresponding events from the pre-configured event list.
  5. Click Submit to create a funnel.


The funnel charts show data in T+1 days. On the Funnel analysis page, click Details on the operation column to see the funnel chart and conversion rate line chart.