PolarDB for MySQL provides the following editions: Cluster Edition, Single Node, and Archive Database. This topic briefly introduces the editions.

  • The Cluster Edition is developed based on an architecture that decouples compute from storage. In a cluster of the Cluster Edition, the number of compute nodes can be increased from 2 to a maximum of 16. For more information, see Cluster Edition.
  • The Singe Node Edition is developed based on a single-node architecture and uses nodes of the burstable performance type. All clusters of the Single Node Edition share the resources in a computing resource pool. This improves resource utilization and reduces resource costs because no proxy is required. For more information, see Single Node Edition.
  • The Archive Database Edition provides a high compression ratio and uses X-Engine as the default storage engine. This edition provides a large storage capacity and allows you to store archived data at a low cost. For more information, see Archive Database Edition.