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Database Backup:Upgrade a backup schedule

Last Updated:Feb 06, 2024

Database Backup (DBS) provides various backup schedule types, including micro, small, medium, large, and xlarge. A backup schedule type with higher specifications offers higher performance at a lower unit price. You can upgrade your backup schedule based on the amount of backup data and restoration performance requirements.


For information about the free quota for data backup of each backup schedule type and how to select an appropriate backup schedule type, see Select a backup schedule type.

Usage notes

  • After you upgrade a backup schedule, DBS immediately upgrades the specifications of your backup schedule and improves the backup and restoration performance.

  • After the upgrade, the free quota for data backup of the new backup schedule type takes effect on the next day.


  1. Log on to the Database Backup (DBS) console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Backup Schedules. In the top navigation bar, select a region.

  3. On the Backup Schedules page, find the backup schedule that you want to manage and choose More > Upgrade in the Actions column.


  4. On the Upgrade/Downgrade page, select the backup schedule type to which you want to upgrade.


  5. Confirm the order information, read and agree to service agreements by selecting check boxes, and then click Buy Now.

  6. Complete the payment.


  • For information about the backup and restoration performance of each backup schedule type, see Performance tests on backup and restoration.

  • If the total amount of data that you back up exceeds the free quota, you are charged for the excess backup data. For more information, see Backup fees.