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Database Backup:Select a backup schedule type

Last Updated:Feb 18, 2024

Database Backup (DBS) provides various backup schedule types, including serverless, micro, small, medium, large, and xlarge. The free quota for data backup, unit price, and backup and restoration performance vary based on the backup schedule type. A backup schedule type with higher specifications offers higher performance at a lower unit price. You can select an appropriate backup schedule type based on your backup and restoration requirements.

Backup schedule types

The following table describes the specifications of backup schedule types.

Backup schedule type

Estimated time required to back up 100 GB of data

Free quota for data backup (GB per month)

Configuration fee for the Chinese mainland

Configuration fee for the China (Hong Kong) region and regions outside China

Configuration fee (USD per month)

Unit price of excess backup data (USD per GB)

Configuration fee (USD per month)

Unit price of excess backup data (USD per GB)


20 hours







5 hours







2.5 hours







1.5 hours







1 hour


Free of charge


Free of charge

  • If the databases and tables that you want to back up involve issues such as unreasonable table schemas, large tables, or large fields, and you select a backup schedule of relatively low specifications, the resources of the backup schedule may be insufficient to back up the databases or tables and backup exceptions may occur.

    In this case, we recommend that you select a backup schedule type with high specifications when you purchase the backup schedule, or upgrade the backup schedule to a type with higher specifications if an exception occurs, and then try again. If the issue still exists, you can join the DBS DingTalk group (ID 35585947) for technical support.

  • The fees displayed on the buy page prevail.

  • Higher specifications offer higher backup and restoration performance at lower unit prices. For more information, see Performance tests on backup and restoration.

  • You can only upgrade a backup schedule. You cannot downgrade a backup schedule. For more information, see Upgrade a backup schedule.

  • Each calendar month, you are allocated a free quota for data backup. If you do not use up the free quota within a month, the remaining free quota does not roll over into the next month.

  • If the total amount of data that you back up during a month exceeds the free quota, the excess data is charged based on the corresponding unit price.

Select a backup schedule type

You can select a backup schedule type based on your requirements for backup and restoration performance and cost efficiency.

  • High performance:

    If you need to quickly back up or restore data for a database instance such as a database in the production environment, we recommend that you select the xlarge or large type that provides higher backup and restoration performance.

  • Cost efficiency:

    If you do not require high backup and restoration performance and want to select a backup schedule type that is the most cost-efficient, perform the following steps:

    1. Estimate the total amount of your backup data, including full and incremental backup data, in a month.

    2. Calculate the fees for different backup schedule types and select the most cost-efficient backup schedule type. The following formula is used to calculate the backup fees for a subscription backup schedule:

      Backup fees = Configuration fees + (Actual backup data size - Free quota for data backup) × Unit price of excess backup data


      For more information, see the Backup schedule types section of this topic.

      For example, Company A plans to perform a full backup for a 150 GB database four times each month. The estimated total backup data size in the current month is 600 GB (150 GB × 4). Company A has the following choices. The prices are applicable in the Chinese mainland.

      • Fees for the micro type: USD 5 + (600 GB - 40 GB) × USD 0.117 per GB = USD 70.52

      • Fees for the small type: USD 22 + (600 GB - 400 GB) × USD 0.055 per GB = USD 33

      • Fees for the medium type: USD 35. The actual backup data size is less than the free quota. No additional fees are charged.

      In this example, the small type has the lowest price. However, if you require higher backup and restoration performance, we recommend that you purchase a type with higher specifications.


      The preceding example is for reference only. In practice, you must also consider the growth of full backup data, such as a 2% increase in the amount of backup data between two consecutive full backups, and the amount of incremental backup data.

      If the total amount of your backup data in a month is greater than 5,207 GB, the xlarge type is the most cost-efficient option. This is because the xlarge type does not have an upper limit on the amount of backup data and offers the optimal backup performance.