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DataWorks:Use built-in functions

Last Updated:Aug 30, 2023

The Built-In Functions tab on the DataStudio page in the DataWorks console displays functions built in MaxCompute. You can view the types, descriptions, and examples of the functions on this tab.

Background information

MaxCompute provides a wide range of built-in functions that allow you to use MaxCompute SQL for data analytics and processing. MaxCompute built-in functions help you perform routine development and analytics. You can directly call built-in functions, without the need to focus on the implementation logic of the built-in functions. You can search for and learn about MaxCompute built-in functions by function type or in alphabetical order in the following topics:

In DataWorks, you can use the built-in functions that are displayed on the Built-In Functions tab for node development and analytics.


For information about the precautions on the use of built-in functions, see Precautions.


For information about the limits on built-in functions, see Limits on JSON functions and Limits on string functions.

View built-in functions

To view built-in functions in the DataWorks console, perform the following steps:

  1. Log on to the DataWorks console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Data Modeling and Development > DataStudio. On the page that appears, select the desired workspace from the drop-down list and click Go to DataStudio.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane of the DataStudio page, click Built-In Functions to view the functions. You can click a function to view its details.

    The Built-In Functions tab displays the following types of functions:

You can also run the following command in an ODPS SQL node to view built-in functions:

show builtin functions [<function_name>]; --<function_name> specifies the name of a desired built-in function.


If you run the show builtin functions; command on the MaxCompute client (odpscmd) to view built-in functions, make sure that the version of the MaxCompute client (odpscmd) is 0.43.0 or later.