The DataWorks open platform provides the following modules for you to integrate DataWorks with your applications and subscribe to related messages: OpenAPI, OpenEvent, and Extensions. The OpenAPI module allows your applications to interact with DataWorks to facilitate data flow management, data governance, and O&M. The OpenEvent and Extensions modules allow you to detect important changes in DataWorks and respond to the changes at the earliest opportunity.

Go to the Open Platform page

  1. Log on to the DataWorks console by using your Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Open Platform to go to the Open Platform page. On this page, you can view all the modules provided by the DataWorks open platform. Overview


  • OpenAPI

    The OpenAPI module allows you to call DataWorks API operations so that you can integrate your applications with DataWorks and mine DataWorks services. This can help facilitate big data processing, reduce manual operations and O&M operations, minimize data risks, and lower costs for enterprises. On the OpenAPI tab, you can view the usage of the free quota that DataWorks provides for API calls per month and the number of API calls that you have made in the current month. You can also specify a date range and check API call details within the range.

    For more information about the OpenAPI module, see OpenAPI.
  • OpenEvent

    The OpenEvent module allows you to subscribe to DataWorks change events related to your applications so that you can detect and respond to the changes at the earliest opportunity.

    For more information about the OpenEvent module, see OpenEvent.
  • Extensions

    The Extensions module allows you to register programs as DataWorks extensions. You can configure extensions to subscribe to, check, and respond to extension point events.

    For more information about the Extensions module, see Extensions.