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DataV:Ambient Light

Last Updated:May 12, 2023

This topic describes the chart styles of the ambient light layer and the meaning of each configuration items.

Chart Style

The ambient light layer is a sub-component of the 3D earth. It supports independent style configurations, including light intensity and color, to simulate the light and color effects of the outer layer of the earth. image..png

Settings Panel

  • Search for Configurations: In the right-side panel of Canvas Editor, click the Settings tab, and click Search for Configurations in the upper-right corner. Enter the required configuration item in the search box, and click the search icon to quickly locate the configuration item. Fuzzy match is supported. For more information, see Search for asset configurations.
  • Light Intensity: the brightness of the ambient light.

  • Color: the color of the ambient light. For more information, see color picker instructions.

Data Panel

This component does not support data configuration.

Interaction Panel

This widget does not support interaction events.

Configure interactions in Blueprint Editor

  1. In Canvas Editor, click the 导出到蓝图编辑器icon next to Ambient Layer in the 3D Earth widget list.

  2. Click the 蓝图图标icon in the upper-left corner.

  3. In Blueprint Editor, click the Ambient Layer component in the Added Nodes pane. You can view the parameters of the Ambient Layer component on the canvas.

    • Event: The earth layer does not support events.

    • Policy Action

      Policy Action



      A widget is shown without the need to specify parameters.


      A widget is hidden without the need to specify parameters.