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Content Moderation:What is Content Moderation?

Last Updated:Oct 09, 2023

Content Moderation is an Alibaba Cloud service that intelligently moderates multimedia content such as images, videos, and text in various scenarios. This service helps you effectively reduce the risk of content violations. Content Moderation is based on AI algorithms and cloud computing technologies to identify and label inappropriate or illegal multimedia content. Content Moderation supports the moderation of objects such as images and videos in various industries and business scenarios. It can help you improve content moderation efficiency, quality of platform content, and user experience.

Feature description

Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation is a pioneer in the field of content moderation. It originates from Alibaba Cloud's many years of security technology accumulation and relies on the management and control experience of Alibaba Cloud, Taobao, Alipay, and other platforms to provide enterprises with mature and lightweight Content Moderation solutions. Content Moderation helps enterprises and developers quickly detect various risks in text, images, and videos in complex and ever-changing Internet environments.

Currently, the Content Moderation API is available.

The Content Moderation API moderates text, images, and videos for pornography, politically sensitive content, terrorism, ads, and junk information. By using systematic methods, the API offers powerful capabilities such as content moderation, labeling, and custom configuration to achieve desired effects and meet your tailored requirements. To use the API, you must integrate it into your applications.

The applicable industries include but are not limited to all user-generated content (UGC) platforms such as video websites, live broadcast platforms, social platforms, media platforms, vertical communities, forums, e-commerce websites, storage platforms, and content delivery network (CDN) platforms, and other platforms that require moderation for website content.