Content Moderation is an Alibaba Cloud service that intelligently moderates the content of multimedia objects such as images, videos, and text in various scenarios. This service helps you effectively reduce the risk of content violations.


With the rapid development of the Internet, smart devices, and a wide range of emerging businesses, data on the Internet has grown at an explosive rate. Interactive content such as images, videos, text, and chats has become an essential part of people's lives for them to express their feelings, record events, and arrange daily work. Every day, more than 1 billion videos and images are uploaded to the Internet, and more than 500 million messages and articles are posted on various social networks and media platforms. This trend continues to grow rapidly.

The huge amount of content is also mixed with uncontrollable and risky elements, such as pornographic videos and images, terrorist content, and junk content. While the government is enforcing increasingly stricter regulations on such illegal or undesirable content, an important task for all websites and platforms is how to reduce and eliminate these elements. In addition, people's understanding and interpretation of unstructured data are still at an early stage. To fully explore the huge commercial value hidden in data, people need smarter technologies and systems.

Product positioning

Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation is a pioneer in the content security field. Alibaba has spent years managing a variety of platforms, including Alibaba Cloud, Taobao, and Alipay. Based on the accumulated security technologies and experience, Content Moderation offers mature and lightweight content security solutions to enterprises. These solutions help enterprises and developers immediately detect all kinds of risks in text, images, and videos, and safeguard the information content of applications in the complex and ever-changing Internet environment.

Currently, the Content Moderation API is available.

The Content Moderation API moderates text, images, and videos for pornographic, terrorist, and spam content. By using systematic methods, the API offers powerful capabilities such as content review, tagging, and custom configuration to achieve desired effects and meet your tailored requirements. To use the API, you must integrate it into your applications.

The target customers of the API include but are not limited to all kinds of user-generated content (UGC) platforms and all platforms that require content security management and control. UGC platforms include video websites, live broadcast platforms, social network platforms, media platforms, vertical communities and forums, e-commerce websites, storage platforms, and content delivery network (CDN) platforms.