Provides feedback if image moderation results returned by Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation are invalid. Your suggestion will take effect the next time you moderate the same image.


Operation: /green/image/feedback

You can call this operation to give feedback on the result of an image moderation task and provide your expected result.
Note This operation is free of charge.

QPS limit

You can send up to 20 requests per second to call this operation by using your Alibaba Cloud account. If you send an excessive number of requests, throttling is implemented, and your business may be affected.

Request parameters

For more information about the common request parameters that must be included in all Content Moderation API requests, see Common parameters.

The request body is a JSON structure. The following table describes the parameters that are contained in the request body.
Parameter Type Required Example Description
taskId String No xxx The ID returned by the Content Moderation server, which uniquely identifies the moderation task.
suggestion String No block The moderation result you expect to return. If you specify this parameter, you must specify the scenes parameter. Valid values:
  • pass: The image is normal.
    Note The image whose moderation result is pass is added to the feedback-based image library in the Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation console.
  • block: The image contains violations.
url String No To add the image to the feedback-based image library in the Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation console, you must specify this parameter.
scenes StringArray No ["ad","terrorism"] The scenario of image moderation. Valid values:
  • porn: pornography detection
  • terrorism: terrorist content detection
  • ad: ad detection
Note You can specify multiple moderation scenarios. For example, you can specify both porn and terrorism in the scenes parameter to indicate pornography detection and terrorist content detection scenarios.
note String No xxx The description of the DNS record.
label String No normal The expected category of moderation results for the moderated image in the specified moderation scenario. For more information about the valid values of this parameter, see Parameters scenes and label in Synchronous moderation.

Response parameters

The data parameter in the response body is empty. For more information about common response parameters that this operation returns, see Common response parameters.


Sample requests
&<Common request parameters>
  "suggestion": "block",
  "url": ""
Sample responses
  "code": 200, 
  "msg": "OK", 
  "requestId": "EE5A1189-4D7B-4C24-AD78-4C1FAA3E7A0C"