Before you activate Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation, you must familiarize yourself with the service agreement, billing methods, and limits, and complete development preparations.

Get familiar with the service agreement and billing methods

Make sure that you have fully understood the service agreement and billing methods before you use the Content Moderation API.

Get started with the Content Moderation API

Before you use the Content Moderation API, you must register an Alibaba Cloud account, create an AccessKey pair, and activate Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation.

  1. Go to the Alibaba Cloud official website and register an account. Skip this step if you have registered an account.
  2. Go to the landing page of Alibaba Cloud Content Moderation and click Enable Now to activate the service.
  3. Manage your AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret, For more information, see Obtain an AccessKey pair.
    Note An AccessKey pair is the key for using the Content Moderation API and has all permissions on your Alibaba Cloud account. Keep your AccessKey pair confidential and change it periodically.

Get familiar with usage limits

Before using the content detection API, it is recommended that you understand the concurrency limit. For more information about concurrency limits, see FAQ about the Content Moderation API