Open source projects extend the functionalities of Kubernetes clusters. This topic describes open source projects that are commonly used by Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK).

Category Name Description Address Documentation
Core components Kubernetes Cloud Controller Manager for Alibaba Cloud Allows you to create load balancing Services for Kubernetes applications and manage route entries of nodes. Cloud-Provider-Alibaba-Cloud Cloud Controller Manager
Networking Terway CNI Network Plugin A network plug-in developed by Alibaba Cloud for ACK. It allows you to set up networks for pods by associating Alibaba Cloud elastic network interfaces (ENIs) with the pods. Terway Work with Terway
NGINX Ingress Controller Functions as a reserve proxy server to balance the load of network traffic at Layer 4 and Layer 7. Ingress-Nginx NGINX Ingress Controller
ExternalDNS Uses Alibaba Cloud DNS PrivateZone to provide dynamic domain name resolution services. External-DNS ExternalDNS
Storage Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes CSI Plugin A storage plug-in that is used to manage the lifecycle of volumes. Alibaba-Cloud-CSI-Driver CSI overview
Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes Flexvolume Plug-in A component that allows you to mount and unmount volumes (v1.16 or earlier). Flexvolume FlexVolume overview
Volume Provision Controller for Alibaba Cloud Disks A component that allows you to create and delete Kubernetes volumes (v1.16 or earlier). Alicloud-Storage-Provisioner Volume provision controller for Alibaba Cloud disks
Resource optimization Node-Resource-Manager Manages and monitors nodes. Node-Resource-Manager None
Elasticity Kubernetes-CronHPA-Controller A component that allows you to perform horizontal scaling for containers. Kubernetes-CronHPA-Controller CronHPA
Kubernetes Autoscaler A component that allows you to perform horizontal scaling for nodes. Autoscaler Auto scaling of nodes
Security KMS provider plugin for Alibaba Cloud Allows you to encrypt Kubernetes Secrets that are stored in disks by using Key Management Service (KMS). Ack-KMS-Plugin Use KMS to encrypt Kubernetes Secrets
Kube2ram Deploys DaemonSets that function as proxies for ECS-linked Resource Access Management (RAM) roles. Kube2ram maps different Alibaba Cloud RAM roles to pods that are running on ACK. Kube2ram Kube2ram
ACK RAM Authenticator for Kubernetes Allows the API server to verify the identities of users based on their RAM roles. ACK-RAM-Authenticator Use RAM roles to perform identity verification for ACK clusters
ACK Secret Manager Allows you to import and synchronize keys in KMS Secret Manager in real time. ACK Secret Manager ACK Secret Manager
SGX-Device-Plugin A Kubernetes device plug-in that is used to expand memory resources for Enclave Page Cache (EPC) encryption on Software Guard Extension (SGX) devices in confidential computing scenarios. SGX-Device-Plugin SGX-Device-Plugin
Migration Derrick An open source S2I tool that is used to generate Docker and YAML files after workloads are inspected. Derrick Derrick
Velero Velero is a tool that is used to back up, restore, and migrate cloud-native applications deployed in Kubernetes clusters. Velero-Plugin Velero-Plugin
Image Build Specification of Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) A tool that is used to create custom container images that meet the requirements of the nodes in a Kubernetes cluster. ACK-Image-Builder Use a custom image to create an ACK cluster
AI Arena Arena is a thin client that is designed to manage Kubernetes-based machine learning tasks. Arena allows you to streamline data preparation, model development, model training, and model prediction throughout a complete lifecycle of machine learning. This improves the work efficiency of data scientists. Arena Arena
GPU Sharing Scheduler Extender in Kubernetes The first GPU sharing scheduler in the industry. GPU Share-Scheduler-Extender GPU Share-Scheduler-Extender
Fluid An open source, Kubernetes-native, and distributed dataset orchestration and acceleration engine. Fluid Fluid
Application management Kube-eventer An open source tool that is used to collect Kubernetes events. It can sink these events to a variety of services such as Kafka, MySQL, DingTalk, and FEISHU. Kube-Eventer Event monitoring
Alibaba-Cloud-Metrics-Adapter A component that allows you to scale pods horizontally with external metrics from other cloud services. Alibaba-Cloud-Metrics-Adapter Alibaba-Cloud-Metrics-Adapter
OpenKruise Automates the workloads of Kubernetes applications. It supports in-place upgrades and sidecar management, and allows you to deploy applications efficiently and stably. Kruise What is OpenKruise?
Open Application Model Specification An open application model specification that provides standards and separation of concerns for you to define and manage cloud-native applications. Open Application Model Open Application Model Specification
Kubevela An easy-to-use and highly extensible platform engine for application management. KubeVela Quick Start
Scheduling Scheduler Plugins A scheduler that is extended from the Kubernetes scheduling framework. It supports complex scenarios such as AI-assisted computing and big data computing. Scheduler Plugins Scheduler Plugins