Alibaba Cloud CloudQuotation is designed to make global capital markets more transparent. It provides different levels of information based on customer groups. CloudQuotation is the first of many Alibaba Cloud services geared towards the exchange markets, with services for the futures and securities exchanges planned for the future.

CloudQuotation marks the first collaboration between Alibaba Group and Nasdaq Inc. CloudQuotation provides global customers with the quotation service and the quotation data of securities and futures from stock exchanges across the US, such as Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and American Stock Exchange (AMEX), and also from Global Index Data Service (GIDS). The first product series of CloudQuotation is released for US stocks. It has the Basic Edition, Standard Edition, Standard Edition PLUS, Advanced Edition, and Advanced Edition PLUS.
  • CloudQuotation Basic Edition is designed for Internet enterprises that provide financial information platforms.
  • CloudQuotation Standard Edition and Standard Edition PLUS are designed for financial institutions, such as securities firms, large banks, asset management subsidiaries of fund firms and insurers, and top private equity firms.
  • CloudQuotation Advanced Edition and Advanced Edition PLUS are designed for other financial institutions, such as securities firms and investment banks that hold brokerage licenses.
CloudQuotation is an end-to-end service that provides excellent user experience and efficiency at lower costs and technical requirements. It also facilitates industrial transformation, such as for digital operations, investment, and research, and helps enterprises build stable and reliable services.

CloudQuotation provides authoritative and punctual quotation data of US stocks and real-time data from GIDS. It provides different editions, ranging from Basic Edition to Advanced Edition PLUS, to meet diverse demands of customers on real-time quotation data. It integrates various capabilities of exchanges and provides one-stop services on quotation information. With benefits such as fast and reliable data transmission, powerful data computing, complete quotation data, and strict data encryption, CloudQuotation lowers the initial investment threshold, enhances overall efficiency, and facilitates digital operations for customers.