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Cloud Backup:Add a data source

Last Updated:Mar 14, 2024

Cloud Backup provides the large-scale file system backup feature. You can back up data from a large-scale file system to the cloud. Before you back up data, you must install a Cloud Backup client and then add a data source in the Cloud Backup console.


  • Cloud Backup is activated. You are not charged for activating Cloud Backup. If you use the large-scale file system backup feature of Cloud Backup, you are charged for the storage usage of backup vaults. For more information, see Billing.

  • The large-scale file system can access Alibaba Cloud over the Internet. If Internet access is unavailable, make sure that the large-scale file system is connected to Alibaba Cloud virtual private clouds (VPCs) by using virtual private networks (VPNs) or Express Connect circuits. You must also make sure that you can use a Cloud Backup client to access one of the following CIDR blocks from an on-premises server:,, and For more information, see Connect a VPC to a data center in single-tunnel mode.

  • A Cloud Backup client is installed on the backup node. For more information, see Install a Cloud Backup client.

  • The data source path for backup is prepared. Example: /mnt/cpfs.



After you create a backup plan, the first backup job performs a full backup and subsequent backup jobs perform incremental backups.

  1. Log on to the Cloud Backup console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Backup > Large-scale File System Backup.

  3. In the top navigation bar, select a region.

  4. On the Large-scale File System Backup page, click Create Data Source.

  5. In the Create Data Source panel, configure the parameters and click OK.



    Data Source Name

    The name of the large-scale file system. The name helps you quickly identify the data source. You can specify a name based on your business requirements. Example: cpfs-datasource.

    Data Source Path

    The path of the large-scale file system. Example: /mnt/cpfs.


    If you use multiple backup nodes to back up a large-scale file system, the large-scale file system must be mounted at the same directory of each backup node.

    Backup Client Group

    Select the hosts on which you have installed the Cloud Backup client.

    If you want multiple Cloud Backup clients to concurrently run a backup job, you can add the clients to a client group. Set Backup Client Group to Create Backup Client Group. Specify Client Group Name and select the clients that you want to add to the client group.

    • The status of a normal client is Activated. If the status is abnormal, see Install a Cloud Backup client.

    • If you want to save costs during backup without using the Internet, you can change Data Network from Internet to VPC in Client Settings after you establish a VPC or VPN connection.

    For more information about how to install a Cloud Backup client, see Install a Cloud Backup client.

    After you add a data source, the data source is displayed on the Data Source tab. None is displayed in the Backup Plans column. You can then create a backup plan for the data source.