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Cloud Backup:FAQ

Last Updated:Jan 24, 2024

How much data can I back up by using Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup provides backup vaults with unlimited storage space. You can expand backup vaults to store an unlimited amount of backup data.

How long does it take to back up data by using Cloud Backup?

The amount of time required to back up data by using Cloud Backup varies depending on multiple factors such as the total data amount, the total number of files, and the network bandwidth. If the network bandwidth is fixed, the time required to complete a backup job depends on the total data amount and the total number of files.

What types of data can I back up by using Cloud Backup?

You can use Cloud Backup to back up data from your data centers, Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances including the files, databases, and cloud storage gateways (CSGs) that are deployed on ECS instances, Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS) file systems, and Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets. For more information, see What is Cloud Backup? and Features.

Does Cloud Backup encrypt backup data that is stored in the cloud?

Yes, Cloud Backup encrypts all your data by using AES-256 encryption, including the backup data that is stored in the cloud.

Does Cloud Backup support data compression and deduplication?

Yes, Cloud Backup supports data deduplication and compression. The compression and deduplication ratio varies depending on the type of source data. The maximum ratio is 30:1.

Does Cloud Backup support incremental backup?

Yes, Cloud Backup supports incremental backup. During an incremental backup, only the data that is generated after the previous backup is uploaded to Cloud Backup. This way, you can back up your data faster and reduce network bandwidth.

What do I do if I forget my logon password for a backup client?

If you forget your logon password for the old backup client whose process is hybridbackup, you need to download the new client from the Cloud Backup console and register the client.

How can I create a backup plan?

When you create a backup plan to back up data, you must select the backup source path and the required backup policy. If you change a backup policy, the change is synchronized to the associated backup plan. If you delete a backup policy, the related backup job is also deleted. However, completed backups are not affected.

Is actual data backed up when I back up symbolic links?

No, actual data is not backed up when you back up symbolic links. Symbolic links of Linux are similar to Windows shortcuts. When you back up symbolic links, the linked data is not backed up.

How am I charged for using Cloud Backup?

  • You are not charged for activating Cloud Backup. You are charged for using Cloud Backup.

  • If you only activate Cloud Backup, no data is backed up. We recommend that you use the features provided by Cloud Backup to back up important data. If data is lost or deleted accidentally without being backed up, the data cannot be restored.

How do I deactivate Cloud Backup?

  • After you activate Cloud Backup, Cloud Backup cannot be directly deactivated. If Cloud Backup is only activated but is not used, no fees are incurred.

  • If fees are incurred and you no longer use Cloud Backup, you can stop being billed. Data cannot be restored after a backup is deleted. For more information, see How do I stop being billed for Cloud Backup?

  • For more information about the causes for being billed, see Query bills and resource usage.