This topic describes how to use the help command to learn about the usage of Alibaba Cloud CLI.

  • Obtain a list of options and products supported by Alibaba Cloud CLI:
    aliyun help
  • Obtain the API information of a product:
    aliyun <product> help
    For example, to obtain the API information of ECS:
    aliyun ecs help
  • Obtain the parameters required by a product API:
    aliyun <product> <apiName> help

    For example, obtain information about DescribeInstances of ECS services, including the parameter name, parameter type, and whether the parameter is required.

    aliyun ecs DescribeRegions help
    Note If the information about an API is not included in the output, and you are sure that the API exists and are aware of its usage, you can call the API by force. For more information, see Force Call APIs.