Alibaba Cloud CDN allows you to configure accelerated domain names. You can view information about accelerated domain names and origin servers, change the accelerated region of domain names, specify and modify origin server information, and configure IPv6 in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console.

You can perform the following operations in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console.
Change the accelerated regionChange the accelerated region.
Configure an origin serverSpecify or modify the type, address, priority, weight, and port of an origin server.
Configure a conditional originThe conditional origin feature can be used with the rules engine feature to filter user requests based on specified conditions, such as request header, query string parameter, path, and client ip. Requests that meet the conditions are redirected to the specified origin server. You can add multiple rules so that requests can be redirected to different origin servers based on the rules.
Configure IPv6Configure IPv6. After IPv6 is enabled, clients can send requests to Alibaba Cloud CDN edge nodes over IPv6. Requests redirected from the edge nodes to the origin server also carry the IPv6 information about the clients.