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Blockchain as a Service:Invite a user of Alibaba Cloud BaaS to join

Last Updated:Jan 17, 2019

After user B accepts the invitation from user A and joins Ethereum network eth101-a, user B can add nodes to Ethereum network eth101-a.

Perform the following steps for different users:

  • Inviter(user A)
  1. The user creates a new Ethereum network eth101-a through the Aliyun BaaS console and waits for the creation to complete.

  2. Click on the Invite button of eth101-a.

  3. Distribute the "Invitation Link" and "Code" in the sliding panel to User B.

  • Invitee(user B)
  1. After obtaining the "Invitation Link" and the "Code" from user A, open the "Invitation Link" in the browser, fill in with the "Code" , and click the Join button.

  2. Refresh "My Ethereum" in Aliyun BaaS Console and eth101-a appears in "My Ethereum" and the creator is user A.


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