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Blockchain as a Service:Add a new node from Alibaba Cloud BaaS

Last Updated:Dec 01, 2023


The following steps will add a new node named eth101-a-node02 to the Ethereum network eth101-a of user A.

  1. Click the Add Node button in eth101-a, fill in the "Node Name" as eth101-a-node02, and click the Create button.


  2. Wait for the new node to be created. The new node defaults to "non-validator". If you need to change to "validator", you can initiate "voting" in the Ethereum network.


Validator / Miner

In Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant (IBFT) based consensus, we call miner node the “Validator”. A minter is responsible for validating transactions and bundling transactions into a block just like an Ethereum miner. The boxer icon shown following is to indicate this node is validator/miner.


Non-validator / Client node

The node added by “Add Node” is the client node, also known as the “non-validator node”, which is not responsible for mining, but will synchronize the data on the blockchain. In Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant (IBFT) consensus, to change the client node to a validator node, It needs more than 1/2 of validators' approvals.


Add a new node from another environment