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Blockchain as a Service:FAQ about Fabric

Last Updated:Mar 18, 2022

AlibabaCloud Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) allows you to migrate on-premises open-source Fabric to Alibaba Cloud BaaS (HyperledgerFabric). This topic describes benefits, precautions, and the basic procedure ofmigration.

Benefits of migration

You can benefit from migration in the following aspects after you migrate on-premises open-source Fabric to Alibaba Cloud BaaS (Hyperledger Fabric).

  • Openness and Sharing

    Blockchain systemsare continuously integrated to create an open and shared blockchain applicationecosystem with comprehensive capabilities and unified standards.

  • High security

    High security andreliability are ensured in terms of the protection system, certificate system,collaboration process, and network access control.

  • high availability

    A high-availabilitydesign is adopted in all pipelines of the system to ensure business continuityand flexible storage expansion.

  • Ease-of-use

    Quick operations anddeep integration with cloud services are provided to lower the technicalbarriers for developers and make the service easy to get started.

  • High performance

    The performancepotential of blockchains is maximized based on high-performance cloud servers,including ECS Bare Metal instances, high-bandwidth networks, andhigh-concurrency and high-throughput storage in Alibaba Cloud.

  • Global deployment

    • Alibaba CloudInternet data centers (IDCs) are widely distributed around the world, enablingyou to deploy your business systems worldwide.

    • In addition, theproven compliance processes and best practices of Alibaba Cloud in countriesand regions out of China ensure that your business systems run with highsecurity and compliance.


For more information about the benefits, see Alibaba Cloud Fabric product benefits.

Precautions before migration

  • Certificates for on-premises open-source Fabric must be signed by Hyperledger Fabric-CA.

  • If you need to sell a system on Alibaba Cloud, you need to buy the same number of consortium instances and organization instances as in the on-premises open-source Fabric.

  • The MSPID of the on-premises open-source Fabric must be suffixed with "MSP." When you buy an organization instance or a consortium instance, the domain name you use must be the same as the prefix of the MSPID. In detail, the prefix is the MSPID without the suffix "MSP."

  • The addresses of nodes in the organization or consortium that you configure for a channel in the on-premises open-source Fabric must be accessible from the Internet.

  • The channel in on-premises open-source Fabric must be named testchainid.

Migration process

During migration, the blockchain can continuously provide services, but the blockchain application needs to be updated and restarted.

Before migration


During migration


After migration


Submit a migration ticket

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud BaaS console. In the top navigation bar, choose Tickets > Submit Ticket. Create a ticket based on the instructions on the page.


    You do not need to buy an instance if you only need to submit a ticket.

  2. After receiving your migration request, Alibaba Cloud will assist you in assessing the migration and buying blockchain instances and then you can start the migration process.

  3. During the migration, you need to perform the following operations:

    • Update the latest addresses of the Orderer and Peer nodes on the application-side SDK by updating the connection profiles.

    • Use the new user name and password to re-enroll the user to obtain the client certificate