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Blockchain as a Service:Benefits

Last Updated:Dec 15, 2021

Ant Blockchain

As the leading blockchain service platform in the industry, Ant Blockchain BaaS has the following advantages:

High performance

Based on cutting-edge concurrency and consensus technologies, Ant Blockchain can handle a maximum of 25,000 notary blockchain transactions per second to fit high-concurrency scenarios in the finance industry.

High reliability

Ant Blockchain provides high business reliability and supports buffering during peak workloads. The consensus technologies based on PBFT supports Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT), automatic recovery of the consensus state, multiple backups, storage distribution balancing, and automatic load balancing.

Dual-permission protection

Ant Blockchain provides dual-permission protection to secure your data. The first-layer protection is that the consortium blockchain is visible to its trusted participants while invisible to other users. The second-layer protection requires that each user submits the CA certificate application and waits for the application to be approved before they can participate in the consortium blockchain.

The first-layer protection is that the consortium blockchain is visible to its trusted participants while invisible to other users.

Cross-network deployment

Ant Blockchain allows you to deploy blockchain nodes across cloud platforms based on your business requirements. A part of the nodes that participate in the consensus can run on the Alibaba Cloud platform, while other nodes can run in your IT environment.

Data privacy and security

You can chain plaintext data or encrypt the chained data by using the symmetric encryption method. Ant Blockchain allows you to share privacy models. You can encrypt the encryption key with another private key. The encrypted ciphertext and encrypted key are stored in a chain. You can manage the private keys with specific key derivation functions, and share different private keys based on the corresponding security levels and sharing ranges.

Easy to use

Ant Blockchain reduces the knowledge requirement to use blockchains, and you do not need to understand the underlying technical details of blockchains. You can focus on designing and developing blockchain applications instead of managing the application environment.

Hyperledger Fabric

Openness and sharing

  • Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports blockchain applications and data under the Hyperledger Fabric framework. Development results are shared to an open source blockchain community.

  • Alibaba Cloud will integrate developed blockchain systems to build an open, capable, and standardized blockchain ecosystem for users.

High security

  • Supports encryption and decryption based on China’s recommended cryptographic algorithms.

  • Establishes a consortium blockchain management system targeting multiple enterprises to facilitate collaboration among enterprises.

  • Provides multi-dimensional network isolation, network access control and attack protection for enterprises.

  • Each enterprise has an independent CA service to suit their business needs.

  • Provides built-in risk control and operation auditing to avoid a “fat-finger error”.

High availability

  • Provides end-to-end and highly available services, covering blockchain nodes, service administration, and container clusters, to ensure business continuity.

  • The bottom-layer storage of the blockchain ledger is highly reliable (99.999999999%) and can scale up quickly without interruption.


  • Helps you quickly build an enterprise-level blockchain network.

  • Alibaba Cloud BaaS provides rich management and operation functions through a graphical interface. This user-friendly service allows all levels of users to get started quickly. You can easily configure, deploy, manage, and monitor multiple blockchain networks owned by an enterprise.

  • Provides REST API, SDK and BaaS VSCode Plugin for development of blockchain applications, which can lower the barriers for developers.

  • Integrates with cloud services such as Function Compute, MQ and Content Moderation, which can provide on-chain and off-chain collaboration.

  • This service allows you to save bottom-layer infrastructure and daily operating and maintenance costs. This allows enterprises to focus on business application innovation.

High performance

Alibaba Cloud BaaS is based on high-performance cloud servers, high-bandwidth network, and high-concurrency and high-throughput storage. This service can maximize the performance potential of blockchains.

Global deployment

  • With data centers around the world, Alibaba Cloud helps you deploy business systems worldwide.

  • Based on proven overseas compliance processes and practices of Alibaba Cloud, this service helps you build a secure, compliant, and operational business system.