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Blockchain as a Service:Data Configuration

Last Updated:Dec 23, 2019

Data categorization configuration is a format convention for all consortium participants to access blockchain network. Data stored on the blockchain must meet the specification requirements, otherwise it can not be parsed normally. Data Classification shows the data format configuration contained in the current consortium chain. Only the consortium administrator can configure the data classification format.

Create Data Format

  1. Administrator logs on to the BaaS platform. Go to the management page, and click Data Categorization.

  2. To create a data format for the first time, you need to configure the name and description of the data format.

  3. On data format creation page, click Add Data Table to create a new data format, and then click Add Field below to add the specific configuration of fields for the data format, including field type, restrictions, annotation information, etc.add

  4. Except this way, if you want to copy and edit other data formats that have been configured, you can also use to import data formats to configure data format.upload

Application Development

You can upload data to the blockchain or parse data downloaded from the chain following the data configuration format. For more information, see the developer guide.