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Blockchain as a Service:Quick start

Last Updated:Jul 21, 2023

This guide describes how to apply for a blockchain in Ant Blockchain. You need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a consortium

  2. Create a blockchain

  3. Apply for blockchain permission

  4. Develop applications


You have activated Alibaba Cloud BaaS and logged on to Alibaba Cloud.

If you use an Alibaba Cloud account, click here to log on.

Create a consortium

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud BaaS console.

  2. Select Contract Blockchains under Ant Blockchain on the left navigation pane. If you do not have any consortia, click Create Consortium.

    After the consortium is created, you can create a blockchain.

Create a blockchain

On the Contract Blockchains page complete the following steps to create a blockchain:

  1. Click Manage corresponding to the blockchain to be created to enter the list of chain management.

  2. Click Create Blockchain to enter the purchase page.

  3. On the purchase page, select the consortium, and the purchased blockchain will be configured in your selected consortium. Then select the duration of the blockchain according to your needs and click Buy Now (see Purchase Guide).

    For more operations, see Manage consortium blockchains.

Apply for blockchain permission

After the blockchain is created, you can then apply for blockchain permissions to prepare for blockchain development.

  1. On the blockchain list page, click Apply to apply for certificates and account. For more information, see Quick Experience for Free.

  2. Then download certificates and development components to start develop blockchain applications.

Develop applications

You can refer to Development Guides for more information about application development.