Before you can use Bastionhost, you must purchase a bastion host. This topic describes how to purchase a bastion host.


  1. Log on to your Alibaba Cloud account and visit the buy page of Bastionhost.
  2. Configure the parameters.
    The following table describes the parameters.
    Parameter Description
    Region The region in which you want to create a bastion host.
    Note You cannot change the region after the bastion host is created. We recommend that you create the bastion host in the same region as the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances that you want to manage.

    If the bastion host and ECS instances reside in different regions, they cannot communicate with each other over an internal network. You must use Cloud Enterprise Network to allow communication across the regions. For more information, see What is CEN?. You can also use the network domain feature to manage ECS instances. For more information, see Use the network domain feature.

    You can log on to the ECS console to view the region where your ECS instances reside.

    Version The edition of the bastion host. You can select Enterprise or Basic based on your business requirements. The following list compares the Enterprise and Basic editions:
    • Enterprise: Bastionhost can run in dual-engine mode. This mode provides enhanced stability and reliability. When Bastionhost runs as normal, the two engines work at the same time. This improves the O&M efficiency. If a single point of failure (SPOF) occurs, Bastionhost automatically switches between the two engines. This ensures business continuity. The Enterprise edition uses higher specifications and provides higher performance. This edition ensures efficient and stable O&M on 1,000 or more assets.
    • Basic: Bastionhost can run only in single-engine mode. In this mode, you can perform O&M and audit operations.
    Plan The number of assets that you can add to the bastion host.

    For more information, see Billing.

    Extra Bandwidth The extra public bandwidth of the bastion host. After you specify the number of assets, the public bandwidth of the bastion host is automatically configured. For more information, see Billing. If the bandwidth cannot meet your business requirements, you can configure Extra Bandwidth. The following list describes the Extra Bandwidth parameter:
    • Valid values: 5 Mbit/s to 500 Mbit/s
    • Increment: 5 Mbit/s
    Resource Group The resource group to which the bastion host belongs.

    Resource groups are designed for enterprise users. Enterprise users can use this feature to organize and manage the resources that are owned by multiple accounts and assigned to multiple projects. For more information about how to create a resource group, see Create a resource group.

    Quantity The number of bastion hosts that you want to create.
    Duration The validity period of the bastion host.
    Note You can select Auto-renewal. If auto-renewal is enabled, you will receive a renewal notification before the bastion host expires. In this case, Bastionhost automatically renews your subscription. The subscription period of the automatically renewed bastion host is the same as the value of Duration.
  3. Click Buy Now and complete the payment.