Auto Scaling provides a wide range of API operations. The following tables list API operations available for use in Auto Scaling.

Scaling groups

API Description
CreateScalingGroup Creates a scaling group.
ModifyScalingGroup Modifies a scaling group.
EnableScalingGroup Enables a scaling group.
DisableScalingGroup Disables a scaling group.
SetGroupDeletionProtection Enables or disables deletion protection for a scaling group.
DeleteScalingGroup Deletes a scaling group.
DescribeScalingGroups Queries scaling groups.
DescribeScalingInstances Queries the list of Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances in a scaling group and collects the details about the instances.
DescribeScalingActivities Queries scaling activities.
DescribeScalingActivityDetail Queries the details about a scaling activity.
AttachLoadBalancers Associates one or more Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances with a scaling group.
DetachLoadBalancers Disassociates one or more SLB instances from a scaling group.
AttachDBInstances Associates one or more ApsaraDB RDS instances with a scaling group.
DetachDBInstances Disassociates one or more ApsaraDB RDS instances from a scaling group.
AttachVServerGroups Adds one or more vServer groups of an SLB instance to a scaling group.
DetachVServerGroups Removes one or more vServer groups.
SuspendProcesses Suspends the specified processes in a scaling group.
ResumeProcesses Resumes the suspended processes in a scaling group.
AttachAlbServerGroups Associates one or more Application Load Balancer (ALB) server groups with a scaling group.
DetachAlbServerGroups Disassociates one or more ALB server groups from a scaling group.

Scaling configurations

API Description
CreateScalingConfiguration Creates a scaling configuration.
DescribeScalingConfigurations Queries scaling configurations.
DeleteScalingConfiguration Deletes a scaling configuration.
ModifyScalingConfiguration Modifies a scaling configuration.

Scaling rules

API Description
CreateScalingRule Creates a scaling rule.
ModifyScalingRule Modifies a scaling rule.
DescribeScalingRules Queries all scaling rules in a scaling group and collects information about the scaling rules.
DeleteScalingRule Deletes a scaling rule.

Scaling tasks

API Description
ExecuteScalingRule Executes a scaling rule.
AttachInstances Adds ECS instances to a scaling group.
RemoveInstances Removes ECS instances from a scaling group.
DetachInstances Detaches one or more ECS instances from a scaling group.

Scheduled tasks

API Description
CreateScheduledTask Creates a scheduled task.
ModifyScheduledTask Modifies a scheduled task.
DescribeScheduledTasks Queries scheduled tasks.
DeleteScheduledTask Deletes a scheduled task.

Event-triggered tasks

API Description
CreateAlarm Creates an event-triggered task.
DescribeAlarms Queries event-triggered tasks.
ModifyAlarm Modifies an event-triggered task.
EnableAlarm Enables an event-triggered task.
DisableAlarm Disables an event-triggered task.
DeleteAlarm Deletes an event-triggered task.

Lifecycle hooks

API Description
CreateLifecycleHook Creates one or more lifecycle hooks for a scaling group.
ModifyLifecycleHook Modifies a lifecycle hook.
DescribeLifecycleHooks Queries lifecycle hooks.
RecordLifecycleActionHeartbeat Extends the timeout period of an ECS instance and keeps the instance in the wait state.
DescribeLifecycleActions Queries the lifecycle actions that correspond to a scaling activity.
CompleteLifecycleAction Takes a scaling activity out of the wait state in advance.
DeleteLifecycleHook Deletes a lifecycle hook.

Event notifications

API Description
CreateNotificationConfiguration Creates an event notification.
DeleteNotificationConfiguration Deletes an event notification.
DescribeNotificationConfigurations Queries event notifications.
DescribeNotificationTypes Queries the types of event notifications.
ModifyNotificationConfiguration Modifies an event notification.


API Description
EnterStandby Sets ECS instances in a scaling group to the standby state.
ExitStandby Changes the state of ECS instances in a scaling group from standby to running.
RebalanceInstances Rebalances the distribution of ECS instances in a scaling group across multiple zones.
SetInstancesProtection Enables or disables protection for one or more ECS instances in a scaling group.
SetInstanceHealth Sets the health check feature for ECS instances in a scaling group.


API Description
DescribeRegions Queries the regions in which Auto Scaling is available.


API Description
TagResources Creates and adds tags to specified Auto Scaling resources.
ListTagResources Queries the tags that are added to one or more Auto Scaling resources.
UntagResources Removes tags from the specified Auto Scaling resources. If you remove a tag and the tag is not added to other resources, the tag is automatically deleted.
ListTagKeys Queries the tag keys of Auto Scaling resources.
ListTagValues Queries the tag values of Auto Scaling tag keys.