This topic describes Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling SDKs for different programming languages and provides the links from which you can obtain the latest SDK versions.


Auto Scaling SDKs encapsulate the API version released on February 22, 2022 (the API version released on August 28, 2014 is no longer updated). The SDKs identify callers based on the AccessKey pairs of the callers and provide features such as automatic signature. The features allow you to create and manage resources by calling API operations.

To use Auto Scaling features, you must install both Auto Scaling SDKs and Alibaba Cloud core libraries. For example, to use Auto Scaling SDK for Java, you must download aliyun-java-sdk-ess and aliyun-java-sdk-core.


The following table describes the SDKs that are supported by Auto Scaling. You can view the SDK update history and sample code, obtain the installation package, and view the help document on GitHub.

Programming languageGitHub addressGitHub document

SDK-related links

The following table describes the SDK-related links.

Alibaba Cloud Developer Center provides popular SDKs for various programming languages and information such as Getting Started Tutorials and open source projects. If you want to obtain information about Auto Scaling SDKs for different programming languages, you can go to the Alibaba Cloud Developer Center. Alibaba Cloud Developer Center
Before you call API operations, you must log on to the Alibaba Cloud Management Console to obtain the AccessKey pair for identity verification. Obtain an AccessKey pair
To minimize network latency, we recommend that you specify an endpoint based on the region where you deploy your business. The endpoint can be a public endpoint or a virtual private cloud (VPC) endpoint. Request structure