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Application Real-Time Monitoring Service:Billing

Last Updated:Apr 01, 2024

This topic describes the billing method, free quota, and activation method of Managed Service for Prometheus.


New users of Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) are charged based on the observable data. For users who have activated ARMS, billing can be upgraded in the ARMS console as prompted. For more information, join the DingTalk group (ID: 37120013838) to obtain technical support.

Billable items

Managed Service for Prometheus uses the pay-as-you-go billing method, and charges fees based on the amount of observable data.

  • The minimum billing unit of observable data for each Prometheus instance is 0.1 GB per day. If the amount of observable data is greater than 0 GB and less than 0.1 GB, you are charged for 0.1 GB of data.

    Assume that a Prometheus instance collects 20 MB of observable data on one day. You are charged for 0.1 GB of observable data.

  • The prices involved in this topic are only for reference. Prices on the buy page shall prevail.

Billable item

Monthly free quota


Retention period (days)

Unit price (Alibaba Cloud)


50 GB



  • Chinese mainland: USD 0.062/GB

  • Regions outside the Chinese mainland: USD 0.087/GB



  • Chinese mainland: USD 0.093/GB

  • Regions outside the Chinese mainland: USD 0.13/GB

  • The metrics are classified into basic metrics and custom metrics. For more information about basic metrics, see Metrics. Custom metrics refer to non-basic metrics.

  • You can store the basic metrics of Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) clusters in Managed Service for Prometheus for seven days free of charge.

  • Observable data is collected by the self-developed ARMS agent or open source agents or SDKs, cleansed, aggregated, transformed, analyzed, and stored in ARMS. The amount of observable data is not equal to the traffic.

  • If you use an Alibaba Cloud account to purchase an ARMS sub-service, the sub-service provides a free quota for the account. The free quota is shared among the applications or instances that belong to the account. Monthly free quotas cannot be used across regions. Assume that you use the ARMS service for the first time in the China (Hangzhou) region. You can use monthly free quotas only in the China (Hangzhou) region.

Billing cycle

The billing cycle of ARMS is one day. ARMS generates the bills of the previous day at 00:00 every day. Generally, bills are generated before 08:00. If your Alibaba Cloud account has sufficient balance, the system deducts fees from the balance. You can view bills in the Billing Management console and view the observable data volume in the ARMS console. For more information, see Query the amount of observable data and bills.


Managed Service for Prometheus generates a bill for each Prometheus instance. If your account (Alibaba Cloud account or RAM user) has multiple pay-as-you-go Prometheus instances, multiple bills are generated.

Activation method

Go to the buy page of Managed Service for Prometheus and activate the sub-service as prompted.


  • For information about the impact of overdue payments, see Overdue payments

  • If you no longer use Managed Service for Prometheus, you can release the Prometheus instance resources to disable the sub-service. For more information, see Refund policy.