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Application Real-Time Monitoring Service:[Product Change] Kubernetes Monitoring Stop public preview and Offline Announcement

Last Updated:Apr 08, 2024

The free public preview of Kubernetes monitoring will be discontinued on March 1, 2024. Kubernetes monitoring has been upgraded to the application monitoring eBPF due to product policy changes.

application monitoring eBPF is a non-intrusive observability product for Kubernetes clusters based on eBPF technology. It supports the collection and display of application performance data, network performance data, trace, events, and logs for multi-language, distributed, and microservice-oriented applications.

If you have connected to Kubernetes Monitoring, migrate your applications to application monitoring eBPF as soon as possible. For more information, see Migrate Kubernetes monitoring to application monitoring eBPF.

If you are not connected to Kubernetes Monitoring and have similar requirements, connect to application monitoring eBPF. For more information, see Connect applications to application monitoring eBPF and Manually connect applications to application monitoring eBPF.

If you used the Kubernetes monitoring ARMS OpenTelemetry Collector to report data to ARMS, use the open source OpenTelemetry Collector instead. After Kubernetes monitoring is discontinued, the OpenTelemetry Collector is not available in application monitoring eBPF.