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Application Real-Time Monitoring Service:Pay-as-you-go

Last Updated:Nov 21, 2023

Application Monitoring Pro Edition supports the pay-as-you-go billing method. You are charged based on your resource usage. Bills are generated and fees are deducted from the balance of your Alibaba Cloud account at the end of each billing cycle. This topic describes the pay-as-you-go billable items of Application Monitoring Pro Edition, and the relevant billing rules that apply in Alibaba Cloud, Finance Cloud, and Alibaba Gov Cloud.


The prices provided in this topic are for reference only. The actual prices on the buy page shall prevail.

Billable items

You are charged by Application Monitoring Pro Edition based on the number of hours for which agents run. Unit: Agent × Hour.

Usage notes

  • Each agent can monitor one application instance, such as a Tomcat instance or a Java process. An application instance consumes 24 Agent × Hour per day.

  • By default, trace data is stored for 30 days and metric data is stored for 90 days.



Chinese mainland

China (Hong Kong)

Other regions (such as Singapore and US (Silicon Valley))


USD 0.0414

USD 0.0580

USD 0.0580

Billing cycle

The billing cycle of Application Management is one day. Application Management generates the bills of the previous day at 00:00 every day. Generally, bills are generated before 08:00. If your Alibaba Cloud account has sufficient balance, the system deducts fees from the balance. You can view bills in the User Center and view resource consumption details in the ARMS console. For more information, see Bills and resource usage.
Important Bills may be generated later than expected.


For applications deployed in Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) clusters, Application Monitoring Pro Edition provides a 50 percent discount. The discount started on February 10, 2020. For potential changes that may happen on the discount, we will give you notice. For more information, see Estimate preferential prices.


For information about the features supported by the Pro Edition, see Edition comparison.

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