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ApsaraVideo Live:What is ApsaraVideo Live?

Last Updated:May 19, 2022

ApsaraVideo Live is an audio and video live streaming platform that is developed based on industry-leading content access and delivery capabilities, and large-scale, distributed real-time transcoding technology. ApsaraVideo Live provides easy-to-access audio and video live streaming services that feature low latency, high concurrency, high definition, and smooth playback.

Live streaming process

The ApsaraVideo Live server enables you to upload live streams, process live streams in real time, and deliver live streams.

  1. You use a stream ingest SDK to ingest a live stream that is collected by a video collection device. ApsaraVideo Live uses edge ingest to deliver the live stream to content delivery network (CDN) nodes, which ensures the stability of uplink transmission. Then, the live stream is delivered to the live center of ApsaraVideo Live.

  2. After the live stream is delivered to the live center of ApsaraVideo Live, you can process the stream based on your needs. For example, you can transcode the stream, perform time shifting, record the stream, or capture snapshots of the stream.

  3. The processed stream is delivered to CDN nodes and then to client devices for playback. To develop mobile players, you can integrate ApsaraVideo Player SDK with the players.

  4. In addition to transcoding live streams and capturing snapshots of live streams, you can use the Live-to-VOD feature to deliver the recorded live streams to ApsaraVideo VOD. In ApsaraVideo VOD, you can edit the recorded live streams online and provide the recorded live streams as on-demand videos. This process associates live streaming with the production and spread of short videos.


  • Based on years of technology accumulation, ApsaraVideo Live provides end-to-end services across multiple channels.

  • Powered by cutting edge technologies, ApsaraVideo Live leads the market of cloud live streaming with stable and reliable services.

  • ApsaraVideo Live helps enterprises expand worldwide with global deployment.

  • ApsaraVideo Live provides National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) regulation-based live streaming.

  • ApsaraVideo Live supports real-time interaction and the playback of tens of millions of concurrent streams.

  • The Real-Time Streaming (RTS) feature reduces the latency of concurrent live streaming to milliseconds.

  • Narrowband HD™ 2.0 enables your customers to enjoy ultimate high-definition videos at 50 frames per second.

  • Panoramic data enables you to analyze data from multiple dimensions.

For more information, see Benefits.

Value-added features

In addition to the basic features of live stream upload and delivery, ApsaraVideo Live provides the following value-added features:

Feature categories

ApsaraVideo Live provides eight categories of features, including live stream ingest, live stream playback, live stream security, live stream management, data statistics, console management, API management, and SDK support. For more information, see Features.


ApsaraVideo Live has served more than 10,000 enterprises and applies to various live streaming scenarios, such as live shows, videos generated by users, games, enterprise activities, education, shopping malls, micro business, finance, sports, and events. For more information, see Scenarios.

Use ApsaraVideo Live

You can use the ApsaraVideo Live console, APIs, and SDKs to access and manage live streaming services. You can also integrate ApsaraVideo Live with your applications and services.


The billing items of ApsaraVideo Live include traffic, bandwidth, transcoding, time shifting, snapshot capture and recording. Fees are charged based on different billing methods. For example, you can choose the pay-as-you-go billing method, which enables you to pay after use. For more information, see Billing overview and the ApsaraVideo Live Pricing page.