If your resource plan expires or your account has overdue payments, you cannot use ApsaraVideo VOD. We recommend that you renew your plan or top up your account at your earliest convenient. This topic describes how to top up your account and renew your subscription.

Top up your account

ApsaraVideo VOD is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Ensure that you have enough account balance to avoid service suspension due to overdue payments.

To top up your account, log on to the ApsaraVideo VOD console. In the top navigation bar, choose Expenses > Add Fund.

Renew your resource plan

Note You can set the usage limit alerts for the resource plan. For more information, see View the details of resource plans.

Purchase Short Video SDK

If your Short Video SDK is about to expire, you can purchase Short Video SDK again. For more information, visit https://common-buy-intl.alibabacloud.com/?spm=a2796.12251201.5504532300.1.664b375dQ5YkVe&commodityCode=vod_shortvideosdk_pre_intl#/buy.

After you purchase the short video SDK, send your application name, order number, bundle ID, package name, and signature to videosdk@service.aliyun.com. The signature is an MD5 hash value in lowercase without colons (:). After that, Alibaba Cloud issues a license of the short video SDK to you.

Notice Make sure that the bundle ID, package name, and signature you send are the same as those in your project.