You can upload, manage, and transcode media files, and edit and review videos in the ApsaraVideo VOD console. You can also accelerate the delivery of resources and monitor resources based on monitoring metrics. This topic describes basic information about the ApsaraVideo VOD console.

Overview page

Log on to the ApsaraVideo VOD console. The Overview page appears. The Overview page displays resource usage of your account.

The Overview page consists of the following sections:
  • Resource Consumption: displays the overview of resource usage.

    The resource usage metrics of the current calendar month includes Total Monthly Traffic, Monthly Peak Bandwidth, Total Monthly Storage Traffic, and Monthly Transcoded Video Length. The Storage metric indicates the cumulative usage of the current bucket.

  • Consumption Trend: displays the trend of resource usage over the last seven days in charts for you to monitor business status.

    The trend charts display information about Traffic Trend, Bandwidth Trend, Storage Trend, and Transcoded Video Length Trend.

  • Billing Method: displays the billing method that you are using. In this section, you can click Change to change the billing method.


In the ApsaraVideo VOD console, you can select features in the left-side navigation pane to configure the features and view relevant data.
Feature Description
Media Files You can manage the video files that you upload. You can preview videos, view video status, enable or disable offline download, and configure categories and tags.
Production Center A video editing tool. You can use the tool to edit and generate videos. You can merge or crop videos and edit images or texts.
Review You can perform intelligent review or manual review to check whether videos, covers, titles, or comments contain illicit content.
Configuration Management You can configure and manage transcoding templates, watermark templates, snapshot templates, animation templates, video categories, and workflows. You can configure storage paths in multiple regions and manage access permissions on each storage path. You can also configure a callback to obtain video status at the earliest opportunity.
CDN Configuration You can manage accelerated domain names. For example, you can add or delete domain names and modify basic information and configurations of domain names. You can also refresh and prefetch resources and configure offline download settings.
Data Center You can query usage data, such as traffic, bandwidth, or storage data, by time. You can also query and download the access logs of a domain name.
Billing Information You can view billing details and resource plan information.
DRM Certificates You can manage digital rights management (DRM) certificates, issue DRM licenses, encrypt videos based on DRM, and decrypt and play DRM-encrypted videos.