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ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Sep 05, 2023
This product(Ons/2019-02-14) OpenAPI adopts RPC Signature style. See signature details in Description of the signature mechanism. We have packaged SDKs for common programming languages for developers. Developers can directly call the OpenAPI of this product by downloading the SDK without paying attention to the technical details. If the existing SDK cannot meet the usage requirements, you can connect through the signature mechanism. It will take about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended to join our DingTalk service group (11370001915) and sign under the guidance of experts.
Before using the API, you need to prepare your identity account and access key (AccessKey) to effectively access the API through client tools (SDK, CLI, etc.). For details see getAccessKey.


OpenOnsService{"title1":"OpenOnsService"}Activates ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ.


OnsMessageTrace{"title1":"OnsMessageTrace"}Queries the consumption status of a message by using the message ID.
OnsMessageGetByMsgId{"title1":"OnsMessageGetByMsgId"}Queries the information about a message by specifying the message ID and determines whether the message has been consumed.
OnsMessageGetByKey{"title1":"OnsMessageGetByKey"}Queries messages by using a specified topic and message key.
OnsMessagePageQueryByTopic{"title1":"OnsMessagePageQueryByTopic"}Queries all messages that are stored in a specified topic within a specified time range by page.
OnsMessageDetail{"title1":"OnsMessageDetail"}Queries the details of a message.


OnsRegionList{"title1":"OnsRegionList"}Queries regions where ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ is available.


OnsInstanceInServiceListOnsInstanceInServiceListQueries all ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ instances in a specified region within the current account.
OnsInstanceCreate{"title1":"OnsInstanceCreate"}Creates a ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ instance.
OnsInstanceBaseInfo{"title1":"OnsInstanceBaseInfo"}Queries the basic information of a ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ instance and the endpoint that a client uses to connect to the ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ instance to send and receive messages.
OnsInstanceUpdate{"title1":"OnsInstanceUpdate"}Updates the name and description of a ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ instance.
OnsInstanceDelete{"title1":"OnsInstanceDelete"}Deletes a ApsaraMQ for RocketMQ instance.


OnsTopicCreate{"title1":"OnsTopicCreate"}Creates a topic.
OnsTopicDelete{"title1":"OnsTopicDelete"}Deletes a topic.
OnsTopicStatusOnsTopicStatusQueries the total number of messages in a topic and the status of the topic.
OnsTopicListOnsTopicListQueries the information about topics that belong to the current account.
OnsTopicSubDetail{"title1":"OnsTopicSubDetail"}Queries the online consumer groups that subscribe to a specified topic.
OnsTopicUpdateOnsTopicUpdateConfigures the read/write mode for a specified topic.


OnsGroupCreate{"title1":"OnsGroupCreate"}Creates a consumer group.
OnsGroupDelete{"title1":"OnsGroupDelete"}Deletes a consumer group.
OnsGroupList{"title1":"OnsGroupList"}Queries one or more group IDs.
OnsGroupSubDetail{"title1":"OnsGroupSubDetail"}Queries all topics to which a specified consumer group subscribes. If no consumer instance in the consumer group is online, no data is returned.
OnsGroupConsumerUpdate{"title1":"OnsGroupConsumerUpdate"}Configures read permissions on messages for a consumer group that is identified by a group ID.


ListTagResources{"title1":"ListTagResources"}Queries the tags that are attached to a specified resource.
TagResourcesTagResourcesAttaches tags to resources.
UntagResourcesUntagResourcesDetaches and removes tags from a specific resource.


OnsConsumerAccumulate{"title1":"OnsConsumerAccumulate"}Queries the information about message accumulation in topics to which a specified consumer group subscribes. The returned information includes the number of accumulated messages and the consumption latency.
OnsConsumerStatus{"title1":"OnsConsumerStatus"}Queries the detailed information about the status of a specified consumer group. This operation returns the transactions per second (TPS) for message consumption, load balancing status, consumer connection status, and whether all consumers in the consumer group subscribe to the same topics and tags.
OnsConsumerGetConnection{"title1":"OnsConsumerGetConnection"}Queries the client connection status of a specified consumer group.
OnsConsumerResetOffset{"title1":"OnsConsumerResetOffset"}Resets a consumer offset to a specified timestamp for a consumer group.
OnsConsumerTimeSpanOnsConsumerTimeSpanQueries the time range within which you can specify a point in time to reset the consumer offset for a specified topic. The time range is from the point in time when the earliest stored message was published to the topic to the point in time when the most recently stored message was published to the topic.
OnsMessagePush{"title1":"OnsMessagePush"}Pushes a message to a specified consumer.

Messages tatistics

OnsTrendTopicInputTpsOnsTrendTopicInputTpsQueries the statistics about messages that are published to a topic within a specific period of time.
OnsTrendGroupOutputTpsOnsTrendGroupOutputTpsQueries the statistics about messages that are consumed by a consumer group within a specific period of time.


OnsTraceQueryByMsgId{"title1":"OnsTraceQueryByMsgId"}Creates a task to query the trace of a message based on the message ID and the name of the topic in which the message is stored. The task ID is returned.
OnsTraceGetResult{"title1":"OnsTraceGetResult"}The tracing results are queried by specifying the ID of a trace query task.
OnsTraceQueryByMsgKey{"title1":"OnsTraceQueryByMsgKey"}Creates a trace query task based on the topic name and message key and obtains the ID of the query task.

Dead-letter queues

OnsDLQMessageGetById{"title1":"OnsDLQMessageGetById"}Queries a dead-letter message based on the message ID. The queried information about the dead-letter message includes the point in time when the message is stored, the message body, and attributes such as the message tag and the message key.
OnsDLQMessagePageQueryByGroupId{"title1":"OnsDLQMessagePageQueryByGroupId"}Queries all dead-letter messages in a group within a period of time by page.
OnsDLQMessageResendById{"title1":"OnsDLQMessageResendById"}Resends a dead-letter message based on a specified message ID so that the dead-letter message can be consumed by consumers.