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ApsaraDB for OceanBase:Create an SQL file parsing task

Last Updated:Jun 15, 2023

You can select any of the following three modes for a performance assessment task as needed: Full Performance Assessment, SQL File Parsing, and SQL File Replay. This topic describes how to create an SQL file parsing task.


OceanBase Migration Assessment (OMA) parses only files from the source database.


  1. Create an SQL file parsing task.

    1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for OceanBase console.

    2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Migration Assessment > Performance Assessment.

    3. On the Performance Assessment page, choose Create Performance Assessment Task > SQL File Parsing in the upper-right corner.

  2. On the Select Source Type page, specify related parameters.



    Assessment Task Name

    The name of the assessment task. You can specify a custom task name.

    Assessment Type

    By default, Load Replay Stress Test is used.

    Instance Source

    Select Alibaba Cloud Database from the drop-down list.

    Database Type

    Select RDS_MySQL from the drop-down list.

    Database Instance

    Select a created database instance from the drop-down list.

  3. Click Next. On the File Parsing and Configuration page, specify related parameters.

    Select Import File from OSS or Upload File for the Parsed File Import Method. Before the performance assessment, you must enable the SQL audit feature of the RDS Instance by using the log service (SLS). For more information, see Prerequisite operations.

    • If you store SLS traffic files in an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket, select Import File from OSS to import traffic files for the performance assessment.



      AccessKey Account

      The AccessKey ID of your Alibaba Cloud account.

      AccessKey Password

      The AccessKey Secret of your Alibaba Cloud account.

      Source OSS Bucket

      The name of the OSS bucket from which the logs are imported.

      File Delivery Directory

      The directory to which the traffic files are delivered.

      Stress Test Period

      The period of time for the performance assessment. The maximum period is 12 hours.

      If no data is obtained, log files are being generated within the specified period.

      Click Verify. After the verification succeeds, you can view the files that can be parsed in the Files from OSS list. Select the file that you want to parse, and click > to add it to the Destinations list on the right.

    • If you store SLS traffic files in the local storage, select Upload File and manually import files in the CSV or JSON format for assessment.

  4. Click Next. The system automatically performs a precheck.

  5. After the precheck succeeds, click Start to launch the SQL file parsing task.

    After the task starts, you can view information such as the progress of the task on the Performance Assessment Tasks page. For more information, see View details of a performance assessment task. If a file is parsed in a separate parsing task, you can view the file parsing record by choosing Performance Assessment > Parsed Files.