AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL released Basic Edition on September 29, 2021. It is suitable for small and micro enterprise and individual users who require lower costs for entry-level instances. It is also suitable for medium and large enterprises that want to reduce storage costs.

Release date

September 29, 2021


Basic Edition is supported in the following regions and zones:

  • China:
    • China (Beijing): Zone I
    • China (Hangzhou): Zone J
    • China (Shanghai): Zone L
    • China (Shenzhen): Zone F
  • Asia Pacific:

    Singapore: Zone C


Basic Edition instances are deployed in a single-replica architecture, which reduces half the storage costs compared with High-availability Edition instances.AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

The use of enhanced SSDs (ESSDs) ensures data integrity in AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instances even when failures occur on compute nodes.

In addition, Basic Edition improves the performance of compute nodes by up to five times in I/O-intensive scenarios.


Basic Edition is suitable for the following scenarios:

  • Data warehouse building
    • POC testing
    • Storage-intensive data warehouse
  • Data exploration
    • Offline report analytics
    • Interactive data analytics
  • Temporal geographic information system (GIS) data analytics
  • Machine Learning feature engineering
Notice We recommend that you use High-availability Edition for your core business requirements.