This topic describes the refund rules, refund methods, and refund flow for AnalyticDB for MySQL.

Refund rules

The following table describes the types of refund supported by AnalyticDB for MySQL.
Billing method Type of refund
  • Partial refund: You can apply for partial refunds on active subscriptions.
  • Full refund: If you have renewed your subscription but the new subscription has not taken effect, you can cancel the new subscription to obtain a full refund. If the new subscription has taken effect, you are eligible for a partial refund.
Pay-as-you-go Not applicable. You are charged only for the resources you use. If you no longer need a pay-as-you-go cluster, you can release the cluster in the console. For more information, see Delete a cluster.
Warning After you unsubscribe from a subscription cluster or release a pay-as-you-go cluster, computing and I/O resources are immediately released. Any data stored in the cluster is also permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Proceed with caution.

Refund methods

Before you unsubscribe from resources, we recommend that you understand the rules and precautions. You can also refer to the unsubscription examples provided.