This topic describes how to manually delete a pay-as-you-go AnalyticDB for MySQL cluster or unsubscribe from a subscription cluster.

Background information

Clusters are billed even if they are idle. This may cause overdue payments. If you no longer need a cluster, you can manually delete or unsubscribe from the cluster.
Warning After you delete or unsubscribe from a cluster, resources of the cluster are immediately released, and data of the cluster is no longer retained and cannot be recovered. Proceed with caution.

Delete a pay-as-you-go cluster

  1. Log on to the AnalyticDB for MySQL console.
  2. In the upper-left corner of the page, select the region where the cluster resides.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, click Clusters.
  4. Click the Data Warehouse Edition (V3.0) or Data Lakehouse Edition (V3.0) tab based on the edition of the cluster that you want to delete.
  5. Find the cluster that you want to delete and choose More > Delete in the Actions column.
  6. In the Delete Cluster message, click OK.

Unsubscribe from a subscription cluster

  1. Go to the Billing Management console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Unsubscribe.
  3. On the page that appears, click the Unsubscribe from resources that are being used tab and search for the cluster from which you want to unsubscribe.
  4. Find the cluster and click Unsubscribe Resource in the Actions column.
  5. On the Unsubscribe Resource page, select reasons and read and select the unsubscribing rules.
  6. Click Unsubscribe.
Note For information about the refund, see Refund flow.