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Alibaba Cloud Linux:Contact technical support

Last Updated:Oct 19, 2023

This topic describes the technical support that Alibaba Cloud provides for Alibaba Cloud Linux and the contact information of Alibaba Cloud technical support personnel.

Alibaba Cloud provides the following technical support for Alibaba Cloud Linux:

  • Security updates and vulnerability fixes are provided free of charge based on the lifecycle of Alibaba Cloud Linux releases. For information about the lifecycle of different Alibaba Cloud Linux releases, see the Maintenance cycles section of the "Overview" topic.

  • Alibaba Cloud Linux repositories are updated frequently. Base images are updated on a monthly basis. The updates include new features, security updates, and vulnerability fixes.

  • Security updates are provided from YUM repositories. You can run the yum update command to update an image to the most recent version.

  • You can submit a ticket to obtain further free support.

  • Technical support required for other scenarios that comply with the Alibaba Cloud ECS Terms of Service is provided.