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Alibaba Cloud Linux:What is Alibaba Cloud Linux?

Last Updated:Jan 17, 2024

Alibaba Cloud Linux is a Linux distribution developed by Alibaba Cloud. It is built on the Anolis OS developed by the OpenAnolis community and is fully compatible with the CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ecosystems. Alibaba Cloud Linux offers a secure, stable, and high-performance customized runtime environment for cloud-based applications, and is optimized for Alibaba Cloud infrastructure to improve user experience. The available Alibaba Cloud Linux releases are Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 and Alibaba Cloud Linux 3.

For more information, visit the Alibaba Cloud Linux product page.


Alibaba Cloud Linux is suitable for the following Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance families and workloads:

  • A variety of instance families, including ECS Bare Metal Instance families. For more information, see Overview of instance families.

    • Alibaba Cloud Linux supports instances that have 1 vCPU to 768 vCPUs.

    • Alibaba Cloud Linux supports instances that have 0.5 GiB to 12,288 GiB of memory.

    • Alibaba Cloud Linux does not support non-I/O optimized instances.

  • A variety of workloads in cloud environments, such as databases, cloud native containers, data analytics, web applications, and other workloads in the production environment.


Alibaba Cloud Linux images are provided free of charge. However, you must pay for other resources that are consumed when you create instances from Alibaba Cloud Linux images, such as vCPUs, memory, storage, public bandwidth, and snapshots. For more information about the billing details, see Billing overview.

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Alibaba Cloud Linux 3


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