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Container Service for Kubernetes:Manage ConfigMaps

Last Updated:Sep 04, 2023

In the Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) console, you can create a ConfigMap on the ConfigMap page or by using a template. You can use ConfigMaps to store non-sensitive, unencrypted configuration information. This topic describes how to manage ConfigMaps.


An ACK cluster is created. For more information, see Create an ACK managed cluster.

Create a ConfigMap

  1. Log on to the ACK console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Clusters.

  2. On the Clusters page, click the name of the cluster that you want to manage and choose Configurations > ConfigMaps in the left-side navigation pane.

  3. On the ConfigMap page, select the namespace in which you want to create a ConfigMap. Then, you can use one of the following methods to create a ConfigMap:
    • Method 1: Click Create
      1. In the upper-right corner of the ConfigMap page, click Create.
      2. In the Create panel, enter a name for the ConfigMap, click + Add, enter a key and a value, and then click OK.
        • ConfigMap Name: the name of the ConfigMap. The name can contain lowercase letters, digits, hyphens (-), and periods (.). This parameter is required. Other resource objects must reference the ConfigMap name to obtain the configuration information.
        • ConfigMap: Enter the names and values of the ConfigMap in key-value pairs. You can also click Import to create the ConfigMap from a file.
    • Method 2: Click Create from YAML
      1. In the upper-right corner of the ConfigMap page, click Create from YAML.
      2. On the page that appears, set the parameters and click Create.
        Sample TemplateYou can select Custom from the drop-down list and configure the ConfigMap in YAML syntax. You can also select Resource - ConfigMap from the drop-down list. If you select Resource - ConfigMap, the ConfigMap is named aliyun-config and contains the following variable files: and You can modify the ConfigMap to meet your requirements.
    After the ConfigMap named aliyun-config is created, you can find it on the ConfigMap page.

What to do next

After you create the ConfigMap, you can perform the following operations on the ConfigMap page:

Important If you update a ConfigMap, the applications that use the ConfigMap are affected.
  • Click the name of the ConfigMap to view the details of the ConfigMap and the configuration information that the ConfigMap contains.
  • Click Edit in the Actions column to update the ConfigMap. You can update the content in the Name and Value columns.
  • Click Edit YAML in the Actions column to update the ConfigMap. In the View in YAML panel, update the ConfigMap and click OK.
  • Click Delete in the Actions column to delete the ConfigMap if you no longer need the ConfigMap.