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Account Management:Real-name registration FAQs

Last Updated:Oct 11, 2022

Note: Real-name registration is not required for instances launched in Hong Kong or any other region outside Chinese mainland.

Who is required to complete real name registration?

In accordance with the legal requirements of the People’s Republic of China, users must complete real-name registration before purchasing any Alibaba Cloud products using in Chinese mainland (not including Hong Kong).

During the purchase process, when you select a region in Chinese mainland on the products’ buy page, you are notified that you must complete real-name registration.

See an example from the ECS buy page.


How can I complete real-name registration?

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud console.

  2. Click your account avatar to go to the Account Management page.

  3. Click Real-name Registration from the left-side navigation pane.

  4. Enter all the relevant information in the required fields on the Real-name Registration page.

    If your account is a company account, you must provide:

    • The name of the country in which your company is registered.

    • The name of your company.

    • The registration number of your company.

    • The registered address of your company.

    • A photo showing your company certification or registration form.


    If your account is a personal account, you must provide:

    • your passport or ID card number (driver’s licenses are accepted).

    • Your full name.

    • A photo showing the front and back of your ID card or the information page of your passport.


After you submit the required information, you can see the following page.


If the verification is successful, the following page is displayed.


If the real-name registration fails, the following page is displayed. You can try submitting again or open a ticket for further assistance.


I cannot complete the real-name registration process, but I need to support users in Chinese mainland. What can I do?

The Hong Kong region is the better option, as it is well-connected to the Chinese mainland.

Why do I need to complete real-name registration when purchasing cloud products in Chinese mainland?

It is required as per the Chinese laws and regulations. If data is stored or processed within Chinese mainland, or if data may pass over public networks in Chinese mainland, it’s required to complete real name registration.

I have provided my Chinese national identity card, but I have failed the real-name registration. Why?

Currently we only accept passports, driver’s licenses, and identity cards of other regions than Chinese mainland. If you are a Chinese citizen, use your passport information to complete real-name registration, and upload a scan copy of your foreign visa page.

What is a business certification/registration?

This is a document you have received when you registered your business. It includes an ID number.

I am residing outside my home country. When I submitted my passport, I was told that my nationality is inconsistent with the place of registration. What can I do?

In addition to submitting your passport information page, you must also submit a clear copy of your visa page or the work permit issued to you. A driver’s license issued by the country you are currently residing in, is also acceptable.