AnalyticDB for MySQL is a cloud native enterprise-class data warehousing service that integrates database and big data technologies. AnalyticDB for MySQL has the following benefits over other data warehouses or big data platforms in the industry:

Cloud native elasticity
AnalyticDB for MySQL uses the cloud native technical architecture to separate the separate storage resources from computing resources. Computing resources can be dynamically scaled with storage resources. AnalyticDB for MySQL can resolve the bottlenecks of computing and storage resources caused by business growth and fluctuations. AnalyticDB for MySQL can also minimize costs.
High performance
AnalyticDB for MySQL uses the new-generation ultra-large-scale MPP and DAG fusion engine. It uses the row-and-column hybrid storage technology, automatic indexing, and intelligent optimizer to query and compute large amounts of data within milliseconds or seconds. Complex SQL queries are 10 times faster than traditional relational databases. AnalyticDB for MySQL supports real-time data write on an ultra-large scale in compliance with the Raft consensus protocol. Data is written in real time and visible in real time. For scenarios that require high concurrency and throughput, you can scale out clusters. For example, the disk space can be increased from GB level to hundreds of PB level. Clusters can be scaled out to process tens of millions transactions per second.
Ease of use
AnalyticDB for MySQL is highly compatible with MySQL protocols and the SQL:2003 standard. You can use AnalyticDB for MySQL that has the standard SQL statements, common BI tools, and ETL tool platforms. AnalyticDB for MySQL is designed to simplify real-time digitalized operation for enterprises.
AnalyticDB for MySQL supports features such as online scaling of computing resources, time-specific elasticity, and tiered storage of cold and hot data. AnalyticDB for MySQL charges you based on actual storage space, which greatly reduces storage computing costs. AnalyticDB for MySQL supports the pay-as-you-go and subscription billing methods. You can flexibly select a billing method.
High availability and reliability
AnalyticDB for MySQL can automatically detect faults, removes and rebuilds replicas, and then recovers services within seconds while the availability is higher than 99.95%. It stores data in three replicas and backs up full and incremental data on a regular basis. It can provide you with the data reliability required in the finance industry.