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Manage contact groups

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2018

This topic explains how to manage contact groups.


  1. In the left-side navigation pane of the console, choose Alarms > Contacts. The Contacts page is displayed.
  2. On the Contacts page, click Contact Groups tab page. The Contact Groups tab page is displayed.
  3. On the Contact Groups tab page, click New Contact Group in the upper-right corner. Enter the Group Name, select Contact Members, and then click OK.

What to do next

  • To search for contact groups, enter the entire or a part of the contact group name, and then click Search.

    Note: English keywords are case-sensitive.

  • To edit a contact group, click the pencil icon on the right side of the contact group, and edit the information in the Edit Contact Group dialog box.

  • To show the contacts under a contact group, click the downward arrow on the right side of a contact group to expand the group.

    Tip: You can remove one or more contacts from an expanded contact group.

  • To delete a contact group, click the X icon on the right side of a contact group.


    Be cautious when deleting a contact group. Before deleting a contact group, make sure that no job is running. Otherwise, alarm and other functions may be ineffective.